Sunday, November 4, 2007

IT Survivors - Staying Alive In A Software Job

got this as a forwarded email... but after searching on net, found the original article at:

the author, Harshad Oak, talks about bad working conditions in software companies in India, how software industry is exploiting its employees and the consequences of all this.
He has also suggested few solutions to these problems (dated: Nov 03, 2005) ... yet we haven't seen any change in the situation in last 2 years :(

do read this article and think about it....

this 2 page article has got 10 pages of user comments... that might give you the idea, how good the article is.

the email that i received had the following part as well.....

From the person who forwarded this write-up

Hello Friends,
Some from my own experiences!

I am almost at the end of my stay here in Germany and will be returning back to my Motherland in 10 days from now. Some of the things that i noticed here:

1. No work is small or big, everyone is respected for what they are.
2. Here people give time to their Family what come may! 7.30 AM sharp in office and get back home by 5 PM. No extra time or weekend work.
3. Work in the same field for Years together and master the concepts rather that just give a solution to a problem and forget about it. (Or at most document it, thats all).

I too was going to office of Saturdays n sundays earlier, but later on i realised that i was spoiling / Brewing a work culture which on a long run will make us more and more inefficient, not efficient at all. This would compel other colleagues to come to office even if they are want to be free
with their family spending some quality time. Some of the mistakes that we do is to wail off time during breaks, lunch time, forwarding mails, etc. These were done by me too, i am not am exception and i don't say that you should not talk to your friends or colleagues during Office hours or not read mails or forward them or some thing like that. The only thing i would
say is to prioritize things especially during the office hours. Interaction with Colleagues, PLs, PMs, etc is necessary as we all need to work in a team. Take breaks but not too long. This would not compel you to stay back to complete the work that is pending due to the time lag.... Give
sufficient time to you family members as well, after all they were, are and will be there for you. Thinking you'll give then time some other day or after some years wont work out at all.... That time will never come... Forwarding mails is not at all a bad thing... sending essential information
that could help others or even trying to be in touch with personalised mails would help a long way. After all we are social animals too. Jokes, above given kind of write ups, thought inducing stuff, news, etc can also be sent which help ultimately in the growth of a person not hampering
though the fun part if it. Hope you people would have seen the Program in CNN regarding the "Eye on India: The power of Youth". It had too much to say in that very little time. Lots of things to be addressed still.

I would suggest people from our group to post good write ups and debate on the issues that we face, challenges, etc thus sharing knowledge and views to the outside world. Improve ourselves in the process and make India a Developed Nation. This looks too serious a thing but i feel it would be lots of fun along with bringing us together.


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  2. That's what I call the Master stroke (Guruji...). It's very interesting and serious topic to think upon. Hmhm soch mai dal diya masterji....